TechniBlast Inc.

TechniBlast Blast Clean and Monel Spray Systems for Submersible Pumps

    Monel Coating System for submersible oilfield pumps.

        • Remove surface contaminants and etch surface for arc spray
        • High production coating using Thermal Arc Spray equipment
Monel Spray System

Metal Spray for two wire arc spray system

Coat with Monel or Stainless to protect ESP pumps from corrosive oilfield wells.

SRL 1-15 Skew Roll  Blaster

Automatic Blast Cleaning

        • Submersible pumps are placed on skew rolls to travel and rotate as they pass through the blast cabinet.
        • The abrasive is thrown by a wheel instead of using compressed air.
        • The abrasive is cleaned on every pass as it is recycled.
        • The dust is collected with a dust collector.
        • The blast cleaning removes the surface contaminants and provides an anchor patterns to hold the coating which follows the blast cleaning process.



Thermal Spray Work Positioning Conveyors

Skew Wheel Conveyor

Skew Wheel Conveyor

Work Cart


Work Cart Conveyor System

In-line Blaster

In-line Blast and Coat

Traveling Spray Cabinet

Traveling Spray Cabinet

Ard Spray Guns

Arc Spray Guns mounted on Spray Cabinet



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