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Goff Spinner Hanger Advantages
Work is hit from two directions and the two blast wheels are close to the work for greater intensity for quicker cleaning.
Index One


Index Two


Index Three

Multiple indexing in the blast area provides better  coverage and quicker cleaning. 

     Index one cleans incoming edge 
     Index two cleans the center 
     Index three cleans the trailing edge

Less Maintenance

Replaceable cast liners in the direct blast area. 

Chamber walls, floor and ceiling made from abrasive resistant materials. 

Revolving abrasive chamber seal curtails flying abrasive.

*  Interlocked buttons for proper sequential start-up 
*  Automatic blast cycle timer' 
*  Blast cycle and alarm 
*  Airwash separator to clean the abrasive every pass 
*  Screens to remove oversize material 
*  Motor overload protection, NEMA panels 
*  Door/Access safety switch to prevent blasting with door ajar 
*  Drop pan on lower screen for easy service 
*  Automatic pulse cleaning dust collectors 
*  Abrasive resistant cabinet lining 
*  Blast hour meter for preventive maintenance 
*  Enclosed abrasive valve to reduce blast wheel noise 

     *  Dual lip separators for heavily contaminated work 
     *  Automatic abrasive adders 
     *  Rotary screen to automatically remove oversize material from the abrasive

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