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Goff Table Advantages
The Goff 36" Down Blast Table provides direct blast on flat "plate-like" work.
The Goff 36" PT has a side mounted blast wheel that oscillates to sweep back and forth as the work rotates in the blast.  The 36"PT is compact with an integral dust collector.
The Goff 48" and 72" Table Blast machines have a hip-mounted blast wheel with optional top wheel to increase coverage.  The tables are mounted directly to the cabinet to handle heavy loads.
The 48" and 72" roof is notched for easy overhead loading.
The Goff 60" Table has two oscillating wheels for quick blast coverage and an integral dust collector for easy installation. 

The cabinet made from manganese steel for long life.

*  Interlocked buttons for proper sequential start-up 
*  Automatic blast cycle timer 
*  Blast cycle and alarm 
*  Abrasive braking to stop the blast wheel quickly 
*  Airwash separator to clean the abrasive every pass 
*  Screens to remove oversize material 
*  Door safety switch to prevent blasting with door ajar 
*  Motor overload protection, NEMA panels 
*  Drop pan on lower screen for easy service 
*  Automatic, pulse cleaning dust collectors 
*  Abrasive resistant cabinet lining 
*  Blast hour meter for preventive maintenance 
*  Enclosed abrasive valve to reduce blast wheel noise 

     *  Dual lip separators for heavily contaminated work 
     *  Automatic abrasive adders 
     *  Rotary screen to automatically remove oversize material from the abrasive

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