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Advantages of Goff Tumblast
*  Interlocked buttons for proper sequential start-up 
*  Automatic blast cycle timer 
*  Blast cycle end arlarm 
*  Abrasive braking to stop the blast wheel quickly 
*  Airwash separator to clean the abrasive on every pass 
*  Screens to remove oversize from the abrasive 
*  Door safety switch - prevents blast wheel operation when ajar. 
*  Motor overload protection, NEMA panels 
*  Screen over lower screw to prevent jams - easy access door for easy service. 
*  Automatic, pulse cleaning dust collectors 
*  Abrasive resistant cabinet lining 
*  Mill barrelheads made in segments to replace only the worn sections. 
*  Blast hour meter for preventive maintenance 
*  Enclosed abrasive valve to reduce blast wheel noise 
*  Cleaner work - ventilation hits parts first. 
*  Internal abrasive trap prevents abrasive loss from cabinet ventilation. 
*  Heavy duty mill belt  with various hole sizes - Belt step-spliced for maximum loads. 
*  Electronic mill drive sensor to instantly stop the mill if a jam occurs. 
*  3 Cube - low profile easy to manually load. 
*  3 and 6 Cubes have self-tracking elevator belts 
*  12 and 24 Cubes use an additional mill belt support in the load area 

     *  Double lip airwash separator available on 6 to 24 Cubes to remove large 
         amounts of contaminants 
     *  Rotary screen to automatically remove oversize material from the abrasive 
     *  Automatic Sequencing from blast to unload 
     *  Coaders 
     *  Unloader conveyors 
     *  Automatic abrasive adders 



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