TechniBlast offers Hoffman II Blast Rooms

Hoffman 2 Blast Rooms

Quick Answers to Your Blasting Problems

Most comprehensive array of steel abrasive Air Blast Room designs - over 1000 field-proven installations. Custom designs available.  No job too small or too big.  Designed around standard available components.  Designed to minimize maintenance.  Inside and outside installations.

Single Source/Turnkey engineering and installation.

Blast Room Reclaim Foundation

A partial list of available activities and systems:

  • Site preparation
  • Concrete forming and finishing
  • Steel building design, manufacture, and erection
  • Blast room permit and advice
  • Abrasive reclaim designs
  • Abrasive separation systems
  • Room enclosures, doors, lights, ventilation
  • Abrasive system dust collectors
  • Abrasive blast pots, personnel equipment
  • Man lifts, cranes, monorails, jib cranes
  • Blasting robots
  • Work handling equipment
  • Overhead crane roof slots
  • Manual and powered work cars
  • Work articulation equipment
  • Railroad transfer tables, movement rabbits, de-tracking/re-tracking
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous dual abrasive reclaim  systems
Blast Room foundation

Build Your Own Room

Use Hoffman II's rugged components such as abrasive reclaim systems, abrasive separators, work and man doors, blast room lights, blast equipment, dust collectors, and other equipment to fit into your room.

Retrofit and Update your existing room

Increase production, reduce maintenance, add other features such as Blast & Paint.  Replace worn, older designed equipment.

"Our mission at Hoffman II is to provide blast rooms with the highest productivity at the lowest maintenance at the best price.  Horse sense and logic remain king here."  Joe Hoffman, president.

Please call us for your blast room requirements.  TechniBlast Inc. 800-247-6542.

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