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HydroPulse Table Washers
Moderate Production of Large Parts 

24" dia table 
Work up to 2000 lbs
200 gallon internal insulated reservoir
300,000 BTU - gas fired
Two (2) 7-1/2 HP water wheels
Oil skimmer, hydrocyclone
1/4" cabinet

36" diameter table 
Work up to 2000 lbs 
300,000 BTU gas fired 
7-1/2 HP water wheel 
350 gallon separate insulated reservoir 
Oil skimmer, Drag Conveyor 
1/4" steel cabinet

60" diameter table
Loads up to 3000 lbs 
300,000 BTU gas fired 
Separate 350 gallon insulated reservior 
(2) 7-1/2 HP water wheels 
Oil skimmer, Drag conveyor 
1/4" steel cabinet
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