Wind Turbine produces electricity


Blast Cleaning,

Shot Peening,

Aqueous Cleaning Equipment


TechniBlast sells equipment to  blast clean, peen,and wash to wind power manufacturers

Automatic Blast Cleaning of Wind Turbine Components

Wind Power Turbine Towers

Wheel Blast Cleaning to -

  • Remove surface contaminants to improve weld quality

  • Texture surface to improve coating appearance and life

  • Reduce labor and increase production.

  • Standard and Custom Blaster Designs


Blast Clean Prior to Fabrication

Goff Portable Blaster to Blast Plate Steel

  • Requires less space

  • No enclosure required

  • Wheel blast cleans more per man and per horsepower than airblast

Goff portable blasts wind turbine plate steel prior to manufacturing

Wind turbine plate steel

Wind energy

Wind tower steel before and after blast cleaning

Before and After Blast Cleaning


Electric powered travel, with portable dust collector

Blast one side of a 10' x 50' plate in 30 minutes

with the 15E13

Auto abrasive separator and self-contained dust collector

Blast one side of a 10' x 50' plate in 15 minutes

with the 420E

Goff 10' Wide Plate Blaster

Goff Plate Blaster cleans wind turbines prior to fabrication


Plate blaster for wind turbines prior to fabrication

Automatic, multiple blast wheels, automatic blow-off
Capable of blasting  10' x 40' flat steel plate up to 6" thick, shot blasting both sides at the same time.


Small Parts Cleaning

Goff Table Blast for small parts

Goff Tumble Blaster for small parts

Goff tumble blaster showing small parts

Goff Table Blast Goff Tumble Blaster

Tumble Blaster


Final Blast Prior to Coating

Automatic, Multiple Blast Wheels

Cleaning wind power towers

Goff pass-thru shot blast equipment is capable of blasting the O.D. of tower sections prior to painting or coating to provide the surface with the necessary profile for proper paint and coating adhesion.

Hoffman blast rooms cleaning wind energy towers after fabrication

Hoffman Airblast Rooms

Heavy duty, durable, high production components, minimal maintenance

Hoffman Blast room


Hoffman Tower Blast Room


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