Techniblast provides blast cleaning, shot peening, and aqueous cleaning equipment for wind power turbines

TechniBlast sells blast cleaning, thermal spray, and thermal degreasing equipment.



TechniBlast sells Goff Blast Cleaning machines, Oilfield Submersible Pump Blast Cleaning and Metal Spray Coating Systems, Wind Tower and Gear Boxes and Hub Peeners and Blasters, Trinco Airblast Equipment, Clean Products Parts Washers, Slurry Blast Cabinets, and Bake Degreasing Ovens.

Monel Spray Systems

Monel Spray Systems

NEW - BLAST and Clean and Monel Coat Oilfield Electric Submersible Pumps

Coat submersible pumps with Monel or Stainless Steel with high production spray guns, work handling equipment, consistent automatic coating, proper dust containment, and automatic airless blast cleaning surface preparation.

Wind turbine blast cleaning

Wind Towers Blasters and Gearboxes and Hubs Peeners and Washers.

Processing Equipment for small to large manufacturers.  Standard and Custom Designs.  Automatic and Manual operation. Airless, wheel blast clean tower steel plate and completed sections.

Goff Blast Cleaning Machines 

Goff Automatic, Airless Wheel Blast, Tumble Blast, Tables, Spinner Hangers, Block Tumblers, Loaders, Unload Conveyors, Dust Collectors.  Using long lasting steel, stainless steel, aluminum or zinc abrasives.

 Goff Peening Machines 

Goff Peening machines available in the above machine types with classifiers, variable speed wheels and work positioning equipment.

Airless wheel blast cleans tower steel plate and completed sections. Goff Specialty Blast Machines 

Goff Continuous flight and Drum machines, Plate, Skew Roll, Roll Conveyor, Monorail, Wire Mesh, In & Out Hanger, Peening machines.

Blast Rooms Air Blast Rooms

Vast array of steel abrasive Airblast room designs, abrasive reclaim, and separation layouts, and blast room dust collectors.   Turnkey/Single Source to "Build Your Own".

HydroPulse Automatic Parts Washers 

Goff Hydropulse - Blast wheel Washers available in Tumble Type, Tables, Spinner Hanger, pass-thru, and Drum Types,  Filtered Solutions, Automatic Sludge Removal and Skimmers.

Pass-Thru Washers 

Pass-thru Conveyorized Parts Washers, Monorail, Mesh Belts

Clean Products Jet Spray Washers 

Table type jet spray washers, Workcell washers, small parts tumblers, high pressure manual spray cabinets and evaporators.

Clean Products Evaporators 

A simple, environmentally safe and cost effective method of minimizing water-based waste.

PowerScrubR Slurry Blast 

PowerScrub Automatic Slurry Blaster/Washers combines media with the cleaning solution for a more aggressive wash. 

MBA Media Blast & Abrasives Inc. 

The most comprehensive line of high quality media blast cabinets in the USA!

Trinco Air Blast Machines 

Trinco Airblast Machines, Various cabinet sizes, Suction and Pressure Blast, Media Reclaimers, Dust Collectors


Peen Plating

Peen plating adheres metal powder to part by imparting coating powder mixed with media.

PCP Ovens

PCP Bake Ovens

  Used Equipment  
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